Release date: 24/03/17

Running time: 124 minutes

3 stars

Ah nostalgia.

I’ve been looking forward to this film for some time and it doesn’t disappoint. 

This is a reboot of the popular 90’s Power Rangers series and although the teenagers are extra angsty and have more problems than their previous sugar-coated versions it takes me back to Saturday mornings watching the Power Rangers on TV.

The first three-quarters of the movie is basically an origin story. Who are the new Power Rangers, how they meet and how they get their powers. This involves meeting Zordon who now has his own back story and a new Alpha- 5 who is ever so slightly creepy. Ay yi yi!

Next comes the training sequence and the getting to know each other segment however it isn’t long until the Rangers are back to their angst-ridden selves. The only Ranger that you feel any kind of connection to is Billy, the blue ranger, as he is the only one of the five who is actually excited to have been granted powers.

The last quarter of the film involves an epic battle to save a crystal hidden underneath Angel Grove from Rita Repulsa played by a scene stealing Elizabeth Banks and a massive soldier called Goldar, who is made entirely of gold.

These are the scenes where we see the Power Rangers in full amour, which has been upgraded from spandex to metal, as well as their new Zords. The battle scenes are mostly the same as the TV show except better because of the improved CGI and bigger budget. The film also sets up a sequel with an end credit scene introducing the Green Ranger.

Go Go Power Rangers!

Watch the official trailer here!