Release date: 30/03/17

107 Minutes

3.5 stars

I am not familiar with the original version of the Ghost in the Shell material so this film was my first foray into the world. Based on a manga and anime series and set in Japan in 2029, which is a lot different than the version of the year in Logan! In this world, many people enhance themselves with cybernetic implants, such as robotic eyes or hands and there are gigantic holographic adverts on the tops of buildings.

Scarlet Johansson plays Major, who is created by Hanko Robotics, she is an android in every way apart from her mind and soul or her Ghost as it is called in this film, with the shell being cybernetic bodies. We follow her from her creation by Hanko to her work with Sector 9, a counter cyber terrorist agency.

They are faced with a threat who is killing Hanko scientists. Major must deal with the consequences of meeting this threat and what it means for her life.

The movie is very glossy looking but sometimes there is a lot going on in the background so that catches your attention instead of the actors at the front of the screen. There also isn’t a lot of hand to hand combat which I thought there would be.

And the only thing I could focus on whenever Major was walking anywhere, it that she had a very manly walk.